Maui Beach Wedding Ceremony

Ginelle and Jennifer and the Tropical Storm that Wasn't

Ginelle and Jennifer were scheduled for a sunset wedding on the beach in Kapalua, Maui right about the time tropical storm Darby was supposed to crash into Maui with storm surge, high winds and torrential rain. What to do? Road closures and beach erosion were always a possibility as were blackouts and all manner of ruination along the Highway. So we opted for an earlier time and changed the location of the ceremony to the beach fronting the Lahaina Shores. As always, we brought our special weapon: umbrellas. It never fails (well usually never) that when we bring the umbrellas, it doesn't rain. When we don't bring them, well... Anyway, our strategy paid off, the sun came out, Darby left the building without so much as a whimper and we managed to capture some beautiful images of Ginelle and Jennifer's Maui wedding to last them for a lifetime. Thanks for a great day. Oh, and this from Ginelle:

Aloha Co and Joe,

Thank you so much for sending us these gorgeous photos. You guys were amazing, and we are so grateful for your help in guiding our special day! Take care.


Ginelle and Jennifer


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