Maui Wedding Photographers

Marriage Equality: Beach Weddings in Maui

Ever since the state of Hawaii legalized gay marriage and now since it's the law of the land, we have been getting calls and bookings from all over the country for our Maui Wedding Photography Packages. One of the most beautiful islands in the world, Maui offers our beach wedding clients some spectacular choices for a romantic and scenic Maui Wedding Ceremony. We offer morning packages, usually around 8am to beat the beach crowds or late afternoon packages about an hour before sunset to capitalize on the softening light and spectacular Maui sunsets. All our wedding beaches face west and you can count on a killer sunset opportunity about 85% of the time. Our couples bring all kinds of friends and family along with them to witness their wedding ceremony. Kathy and Jen's family decided to bring a bunch of red white and blue mini beach balls to toss to the couple in honor of their July 4 wedding on Kapalua Bay Beach. It's always a surprise to see what our clients will do!