Maui huppa

Maui Photographers: Your Maui wedding at Merrimans

Professional Maui Photographers come with all different skill sets and visions. When choosing a Maui wedding photographer, be sure to check their portfolio for imagery that you absolutely love. Also be sure they live here! There's a ton of websites on google advertising Maui Photographers when they actually live in Colorado and hire shooters off craigslist! This is not the ideal way to spend your hard earned money on imagery you want to look back on forever. You have a lot invested in your Maui wedding plans and choosing the right photographer is going to be one of the most important decisions you will make. Most photographers on Maui charge about the same price. If you are getting married at Merrimans, ask for images from Merrimans, don't go with a photographer who sends you flash on camera images from a beach in California! And speaking of Merriman's, this is one of our favorite locations for an oceanfront cliff wedding. Don't forget the huppa, or arch as this adds the perfect framing for the happy couple on their Maui wedding day.