Makena Cove Maui

Maui Wedding Photography at Makena Cove

Well, it's not quite Valentine's day but the lovers are massing on the shores of Maui like the Humpback Whales and the oceangoing Hon'u during breeding season, getting themselves Maui'd in some very spectacular locations. Today's celebration was hosted by Arrabelle of Ancient Hawaiian Weddings and officiated by Maui's own Laki Kaahumanu, a Kahu of great respect around here who also knows how to put the couple at ease and have a fun time. Our morning ceremony took advantage of the cool temperatures we're having right now and the almost totally empty beach. Dimitri and Julia enjoyed a simple wedding ceremony with an ukulele musician and the sound of the breeze and waves. Our morning weddings are an excellent alternative to the sunset wedding; the beaches are cooler, less crowded and the blue ocean color is brilliant. SInce all of Maui's best wedding beaches face west, the sun backlights the ocean at sunset and while you get those killer Maui sunsets, your ocean color won;t be as vibrant. With a morning wedding on Maui, you get those vibrant blues and there's generally less people on the beach for us to photoshop out! A win/win for everyone.