Napili Bay Wedding Ceremony

Megan and Ben, A Maui Beach Wedding in Napili Bay

On the shore of Napili Bay, if you are lucky, you can book some of the most laid back island style condominiums on Maui. Built back in the 70's, these resorts exhibit the epitome of the Maui vibe. Many of the guests in these resorts have been coming to Maui for decades and know each other. Such was the case with Megan and Ben who opted for a beach wedding right outside their Napili oceanfront condo. This resort is so laid back that we were able to use a piece of lawn overlooking the beach for their Maui wedding. Normally we use Kapalua Bay for our west side weddings because Napili Bay is so steep and narrow but the resort lawn was perfect and the backdrop of Napili Bay was spectacular. Megan and Ben chose our favorite Maui Wedding Planners; Marry Me Maui and their Maui Wedding Photography was naturally provided by Joe D'Alessandro. It was a beautiful afternoon of mixed clouds and sunshine and while not everyone can get a free oceanfront lawn to have their special day, we can definitely point you to the right beach for a romantic wedding ceremony. Maui Wedding Photographers: 808-242-1100

Flower girl on Maui
Maui maid of honor
Maui Bride Jewelry Detail
Maui Beach Wedding Ceremony
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Maui sunset on Napili Bay