Audrey & Sebastien


Another Monday morning, only this Monday they happen to be on Maui. Instead of heading out onto the expressway for another fun filled white knuckled pre-dawn commute to the office, Audrey and Sebastien took a detour down an obscure one and a half lane road, where traffic jams consist of 2 or 3 vehicles stopped to talk story with the half naked surfers shuttling surf boards from their Maui cruisers to the south end of Big Beach. There IS a winter swell after all. The passageway is carved into a long lava rock wall on the maka'i side of the road after the first speed hump. Those are the only directions their wedding planner gave them and probably all they needed. The only markings along the street are an old steel garbage can and a well stickered county sign that reads "Beach Access". If you've been down Makena Road at any point in your life you might realize that the detour Audrey and Sebastien took was the beach at Makena Cove, AKA Secret Cove (not so secret), or its Hawaiian name Ka'ako. Fisherfolk from ancient times when Makena was a heavily populated community gathered here to pull food from the sea and they still do today. Crystal clear waters and the vibrant red hills of Kaho'olawe contrast with the deep blue sky and puffy white clouds floating overhead. Morning is the best time to experience this idyllic location if you're thinking of a small (very small) elopement ceremony. Bring the kids (Audrey and Sebastien did) and enjoy a perfect Maui morning. Get Maui'd. Beat the traffic.


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